Repair/Service Charges

Minimum In Shop Service Charge Minimum $30.00
Rehang after In Shop repair Tucson area $60.00
Other area $70
Minimum In Home Service Charge:
In Tucson Area:
Minimum 1st trip $85
In Green Valley/Sun City/Saddle Brook/Heritage Highlands/Rancho:
Minimum 1st trip $95
Second/additional return trip
$40 per trip
Out of Town:

North of  Saddle Brook
East of Vail
South of Green Valley
West of  Tucson Estates / Wade Rd
Minimum $85 Plus $3.00/per Mile
Additional Surcharges may apply for example (Approx $25):

Over 10 feet High or Wide, Move furniture, Under Cornice Box, Take Downs,
TD & Rehang any large shade, 2nd installer if needed($70), etc.

To be quoted at site upon inspection

Retring verticalsEach Std$50

Restring Blinds
Restring Mini Blinds & Wood Blind & Cellular Shades Per Cord Std $17.00
Per Cord TDBU $22.50
Without restring: replace Equalizer, Leader cord, Tassels Each $5
Re-pleat Shades No Warranty (per shade) Under 8' wide $30
Over 8’ Wide Quote
Slat Shuffle on Blinds Minimum per shade $30
Per cord $10
Restring RV Shades (By Appointment Only)

Take down $10 & Re-hang RV Shades $20
(additional charges may apply)

Per Cord w/bobbins $19
Per shade $30
Restring Cord Loop Shades, Powerrise, Ultraglide - In Shop ONLY if over 8’ Wide or TDBU Per Cord Std $22.50
Per Cord TDBU $27.50
Restring Cordless Shades (Includes resetting tension) - In Shop ONLY Per Cord Std $28.00
Per Cord TDBU $30.50
Restring verticals Ea. Std. $50.00
Ea. C/O $65.00
Over 10' wide To be quoted
Restring Traverse Rods or Luminettes Ea Std $65.00
Ea C/O $85.00
Over 10' wide To be quoted
Restring Vertiglide Ea Std $65.00
Ea. C/O $95.00
Convert draw stack to OW or Cntr stack $150.00
Restring Perception (If original owner we can call in for Warranty replacement $30-$60)

Verticell & Slideview we DON’T REPAIR
Up to 7' wide OWD $100.00
Over 7' wide OWD $150.00
Center open add $100.00
Restring EZ View Arch $85
Restring Specialty Shape Shades Quote only

Mail-In Repair Information

Many other services available, such as cut downs, replacing parts, and more. Call for details! 520-790-4102