Best customer service experience I have ever had! Outstanding!

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I don’t think I have ever written a review for a company before, but I felt I had to due to the outstanding customer service I had with B and D Install. Brian, the owner of B and D Install, was the one who came out to the house and showed me different options and colors for our large picture window in the family room. He was not rushed, but patiently answered all my questions and showed me different types of blinds that I could get. We decided on a Hunter Douglas Silhouette motorized blind with a remote control that has a blackout shade behind it that could be operated in sync or separate from the more decorative blind. It was important to me to be able to look out of the window and have the tree and the blue sky coming through while still having it so the sun was not blazing in. He talked me through it so I could understand how the blind would work and what it could and could not do. He had a positive demeanor and it was a pleasant interaction.

Tony was the installer that came in. He was top notch. “I do it like how I would like to have it done in my own home” was his words as he explained why he went out of his way and did a much more time consuming process of “hiding” the cord within the wall next to the window frame and then caulking it. Not only did he expertly install the motorized blind and patiently showed me how to operate it, and set it up to for my “favorite” setting to be just where I wanted it, but he also put up a Bali blind that B and D had just repaired for me and found a colored end cap that would work better than the white one originally put on it as the manufacturer is not making the exact color as was on the blind originally. That very morning I had been raising another Bali blind in the living room and as I was pulling up the cord it broke. Tony took care of that one too! He not only found a better cord, but he also moved the cord holder up on the wall and explained that it was previously put in (not by them) so it was too taut and that is what likely contributed to it breaking earlier that day. All in all, one word sums it up: “outstanding!”