Solved the “Impossible”!

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After nearly a year of being bounced around from one dealer to another to try and repair a motorized blind locally, I stumbled on B&D during an Internet search. The local vendors were more interested in selling me a whole new roomful of blinds, instead of just fixing the one that had problems, I guess.

From the time I found B&D till the time I reinstalled the completely repaired blind was less than two weeks, and most of that was transit time since I’m in Philadelphia and they are in Tucson! Plus, it wound up costing a fraction of the $470 quote I had gotten from the manufacturer to “repair” the blind, which would have meant to avoid mix-matching styles I would have had to buy 8 blinds.

The service I got from Amanda and Nancy throughout was professional and responsive, including follow-up at each step of the process. I could not recommend them any higher!